Hussar Saddlery is a custom order business owned and
operated by Ken and Jan Hall of Lordstown Ohio. We are
dedicated to creating the finest products for reenactors who
want only the best in their equipment, tack and accouterments.

I have been in the hobby since 1973 and have done multiple
impressions in the black powder era, beginning with the long
hunter, mountain man and coureur des bois. Military personas,
both mounted and on foot, from the French and Indian War
through the Civil War, were later additions. Now riding as a trail
hand in the 1880's I have, as was said in the era, "seen the

The men, horses, and the ladies of John Payne's Company of
Kentucky Light Dragoons, which Ken founded, were constant
attendees at events through the Midwest, the East coast and
Canada from 1983 to 2008. They were, as 18th century
civilians, the quarter path racers at Colonial Williamsburg for 12
years. They rode at the BAR's Grand Encampment as 4th
Continental Light Dragoons. They shot Tecumseh at the Battle
of the Thames in Ontario and charged British regulars at
Mississinewa 1812, Fort Niagara and Penetangushene. We
have fought in many a French and Indian War battle as either
Rangers or 2nd Pennsylvania Light Horse.  I have ridden at
Gettysburg 135th, was on the field at Waterloo, went as John
Forsyth to the Alamo and as an outlaw in Turkey Foot canyon
in New Mexico. I am past president of Brigade Napoleon and
founder of the 15th King's Light Dragoons (Hussars)
reenactment unit in North America.

With the retirement of the John Payne's company I have
continued in the hobby as supplier of goods for fellow
reenactors.  Apprenticing under Eli Miller of Mesopotamia, OH
as a leather smith and saddler, I have been producing leather
goods and related products for the past 20 years, mostly for our
cavalry troop. Now I am offering these services to the
reenactment community.

Though all goods are custom ordered, a price list for some of
the standard items I produce has been included as examples
for cost comparison.  More specialized pieces receive individual
quotes. Cost for such items depends on research time,
materials and hours of labor.  My leather work is hand stitched
using linen thread and fine bridle sides. Stitching is normally 6
to the inch for standard grade and 10 for high quality. We can
vary this depending on your needs.

We have done work for Valley Forge National Historic Park,
USS Constitution, US Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old
Guard), Jefferson's Monticello, The Alamo, the US Border
Patrol, Fort Ross and Fort Tejon State Historic Parks, both in
California, Fort Vancouver in Washington and for the historical
artist, Keith Rocco.  We have also completed projects for
several movie prop companies.

Hussar Saddlery also has available a variety of other services.
Machine embroidery, custom hand cut metal work,
woodworking for military needs and gold/silver/brass plating.

Basically we create items from the mid-18th century through
1815 because that is my area of expertise. However, if you
have a special project outside that time frame and can find no
one willing to do it, talk to us and we will see if we can help
solve your problem.

This website is a series of examples of the more the 350 items I
have produced over the 20 or so years of making reenacting
equipment for both man and horse. Take a look and see what
Hussar Saddlery has done and what it could do for you.

Ken and Jan Hall        
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