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Sword Belts and Sabretaches
Bavarian Napoleonic Hussar Sword Belt and Sabretache
Hand Cut German Silver Glyph
British Naploleonic Hussar Sword Belt and detail of buckle
Hussar Saddlery can recreate any sword belt and its accourtements from the
era. We have also constructed leather sword scabbards and bayonet sheaths.
We can do scabbards for original pieces.
The Tune "Jackaroe"
com, The Tune creator  
Lesley Nelson-Burns
Napoleonic Officer's dress
sabre belt with lion head
hardware.  Another project
commissioned by Keith Rocco.
18th Century Trooper's Sword Cross Belt with Buckle and Frog
British Rifle Regt. Waist
Belt and Bullet Bag
French Napoleonic Sailor
of the Guard Sword Belt
with Bayonet Frog
Napoleonic Officer's  
Sword Belt with Frog
and Lion's Head Buckle
French Napoleonic
Heavy Cavarly Trooper's
Sword Belt and Slings
Austrian Buff Leather Waist
Belt with Sword and Bayonet
Austrian Buff Leather
Bayonet Cross Belt
with Steel Buckle
French Napoleonic Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard Officer's red leather sword
belt with slings and sabretache.  Embroidered sabretache pallet and gold
trimmed leather.
Victorian Era Patent Leather
1st Australian Horse Officer's
Sword Belt and Sabretache
Victorian Era Patent Leather
1st Australian Horse Officer's
Sword Belt,
Sabretache,Cartouche Box and
Medieval Red Leather Sword Belt  
(Sword not incuded)
American Revolutionary War Sword Cross
Belt in Buff Leather with Double Lobe Frog
Bayonet Belt with Frogs and Raised Stitching
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Louisiana Regt.
Officer, 1790
Sword Belt and
Waist Belt
1880 British Light Cavalry
Sword Belt
Russian Naval Sword Belt
American Revolutionary War General Officer of
Cavalry Sword Belt and Sabretache
Attributed to Casimir Pulaski
Officer's Sword Belt with Gilt Lion's Head
Fax 234-223-2983
1870 Zouve Officer's Patent Leather Sword Belt
with Medusa Head Buckle
French Napoleonic 3eme Hussard Trooper's
French Napoleonic Marine of the Guard
Varnished leather Officer's sword belt and frog with
gold trim