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The Tune "Bonnie Lass of
Fenario" courtesy of,  Midi file
creator John Renfro Davis
Cartridge Boxes and Crossbelts
Spanish Officer's Cartouche Box
Louisiana Regt. 1790
Blue Leather, Silver Trim,
Spanish Coat of Arms
Spanish Soldier's Cartouche Box,
Louisiana Regt. 1790
1880's British Light Cavalry
Holsters and Pistol Buckets
Waist Belt Holster
British Napoleonic Royal
Horse Artillery Cross Belt
Sword and Waist Belts
Louisiana Regt.
Officer, 1790
Sword Belt and
Waist Belt
1880 British Light Cavalry
Sword Belt
Russian Naval Sword Belt
Horse Tack
US Naval War of 1812 Boarding Helmets
US War of 1812 Maryland Light
Dragoon Trooper's Tarleton
British Napoleonic 16th Light
Dragoon Trooper's Shako
French Napoleonic Grenadier au Cheval of the Guard Trooper's Bearskin Bonnet
American Revolutionary War Continental
Horsehair Crest
American Revolutionary War Continental
Light Infantry Tarleton with Deertail Crest
Pulaski's Legion Light Dragoon Tarleton with
Horsehair Crest and Ostridge Feather Plume
Spanish Louisiana Regt. 1790
Officer's Light Infantry Cap with
Engraved Crest
American Revolutionary War Tarleton  
Attributed to Washington's Life Guard
American Revolutionary War
Lee's Legion Officer's
Mexican Infantry Shako
circa 1830's - 40's
French Napoleonic Heavy
Cavalry Stirrups
Special Project - Victorian Era
Canadian Military Academy
Cadet and Cadet Officer Cartouche and Belt
French Napoleonic Line
Cartouche and Cross Belt with
Bayonet Frog Attached
(Bayonet and Scabbard not
French Napoleonic 7eme
Hussards Shako Rouleau
Doe Skin Gauntlets with
Button Closure
British Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Stirrups
American Revolutionary
War British Buff Leather
Halter with Lead
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American Revolutionary War
British Legion Officer's
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American Revolutionary War- English Superior Officer's Shabraque
American Revolutionary War
British Light Infantry Cap
attributed to the 38th Regiment of
Austrian Napoleonic
Infantry Shako
853  Brunstetter Road
Warren, OH 44481
US Dragoon 1840's Percussion Pistol
Holsters with Cartridge Tubes and Brass
End Caps
American Revolutionary War Cheesebox
Canteen with Cloth Straps
American Revolutionary War
Leather Cap attributed to
Francis Marion
American Revolutionary War Virginia Light
Dragoon Jockey Style Cap with Horse Hair
American Revolutionary War
Continental Folded Leather Sword Knot
(reproduced from original)
1850's U.S. Dragoon Officer's
Shabraque with Patent Leather Binding
18th Century 3 Buckle Saddle Bags
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In Stock
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French Napoleonic Heavy
Cavalry Bridle
French Napoleonic Grenadier a Cheval
of the Guard Giberne and Banderole
American Revolutionary War General Officer of Cavalry Sword Belt and Sabretache
Attributed to Casimir Pulaski
French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Eagle Standard Carrier with Gilt Hardware
and Gold Embroidery
Pre-WWI German Imperial Navy 4
Braid Patent Leather Sabre Slings
British Napoleonic Baker Rifle
Lock Cover and Tompion
Model 1833 US
Infantry Officer's
British 36 round reversible cartridge box
Officer's Sword Belt
with Gilt Lion's Head
British Napoleonic Bayonet Cross Belt
and Frog with Engraved Plate (Only
some regiments available)
French Napoleonic Musket
Sling in Buff
French Napoleonic Heavy
Cavalry Officer's Parade
Bridle and Reins
French Napolanic
3eme Hussard
Fax 234-223-2983
US War of 1812 Kentucky Militia
Officer's Fatigue Cap
American Revolutionary War British Queen's Rangers
Miter Front Leather Cap with Plume
1870 Zouve Officer's Patent
Leather Sword Belt with Medusa
Head Buckle
French Napoleonic Marine of the Guard
Varnished Leather Officer's Sword belt and frog
with gold trim
Shoulder sling 19th century European
Pipe Carrier with tobacco/match
Spanish mid 18th Century Cartouche Box with
adjustable Sling and Royal
Coat of Arms