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Helmets and Shakos
Bavarian Napoleonic Hussar Shako
Sapper Bearskin Bonnet
British Napoleonic
Light Cavalry Jacked
Leather Tarleton Shell
Chin Scales with Engraved Boss
U.S. War of
Tarleton with
Bearskin Crest,
Fox Tail Plume
and Leopard
Print Turban
British Napoleonic  
Hussar Beaver Fur
Castor Cap
Revolutionary War Continental Light Dragoon Tarleton
Revolutionary War Continental Black Felt Light Infantry Cap
The Tune "Shule Agra"
courtesy of
Contempator.com,  Midi
file creator  Lesley
Model 1833 US Dragoon Shako
Model 1851 US Dragoon Shako
Revolutionary War Continental Tarleton - Lee's Legion
Left - Officer's Version       Right - Trooper's Version
French Napoleonic Grenadier a Cheval
of the Guard Trooper's Bonnet de Police
French Napoleonic Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard Officer's
US War of 1812
Second Model Light
Dragoon Tarleton
Hussar Saddlery completed a project for the well known Napoleonic artist,
Keith Rocco.  The Austrian items below were commissioned for the
Marengo artwork Keith created.
Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Helmet
Austrian Napoleonic Light Infantry Cap
Bear Fur Crested US Light Dragoon Tarleton from the War
of 1812.  Designed from the McBarron print. Helmet was
consturcted for Nelson Bolton, immediate past president of
Maryland War of 1812 Society.
US 1847 Sapper's
and Miner's Shako
British Napoleonic Light Dragoon Officer's  
Shako w/plume
French Napoleonic Imperial Guard
Bearskin Bonnet with Front Plate, Cap
Lines, Plume and Cockade
Revolutionary War Continental Light Dragoon
Tarleton Helmet with Plume, Cockade, Linen
Turban and Chains
Eagle Pom Pom
in "Aurore" color
for Guard
In stock or quick
delivery item
French Napoleonic 7eme Hussards Shako Rouleau
US War of 1812 Naval Boarding Helmets
Mexican Infantry Shako
circa 1830's - 40's
American Revolutionary War Tarleton
Attributed to Washington's Life Guard  
Pulaski's Legion
Light Dragoon
Tarleton with
Horsehair Crest
and Ostridge
Feather Plume
US War of 1812
Maryland Light
Dragoon Trooper's
American Revolutionary War Continental
Light Dragoon Tarleton with Chains and
Horsehair Crest
American Revolutionary War Continental Light
Infantry Tarleton with Deertail Crest
British Napoleonic
16th Light Dragoon
Trooper's Shako
Spanish Louisiana Regt. 1790
Officer's Light Infantry Cap with
Engraved Crest
French Napoleonic Grenadier au Cheval of the Guard
Trooper's Bearskin Bonnet
Royal Horse Artillery
American Revolutionary War
British Legion Officer's Tarleton
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American Revolutionary War
British Light Infantry Cap attributed
to the 38th Regiment of Foot
Austrian Napoleonic Infantry Shako
853  Brunstetter Road
Warren, OH 44481
American Revolutionary War Leather Cap
attributed to Francis Marion
Model 1833 US
Infantry Officer's
American Revolutionary War
Virginia Light Dragoon Jockey
Style Cap with Horse Hair
American Revolutionary War 3rd
Continental Light Dragoon
Tarleton Style Helmet with
Horsehair Crest
Fax 234-223-2983
US War of 1812 Kentucky Militia
Officer's Fatigue Cap
American Revolutionary
War British Queen's
Rangers Miter Front
Leather Cap with Plume